Graeagle Firefighters Association

Safety Tips


>  Check your house number sign to be sure it is visible from the street- especially at night.  If you need to upgrade your signage, check out the new sign project.

>  Check the area around your propane tank to make sure that it is free of flamable materials and provides open vent space at the bottom of any enclosures around the tank.

>  Check your roof valleys and gutters to be sure that they are free of pine needles and other fire materials.

>  Provide adequate space between your home and your firewood supply.  A thirty foot distance is recommended.

>  Remove extremely flammable plantings that are immediately adjacent to your home.  Juniper bushes are a particular concern since they are popular, attractive, and quite flammable.

>  Clean up flammable material that is stored under decks or next to your home.

>  Eliminate "fuel ladders" by trimming lower branches on trees.

>  Provide spacing between plants to reduce fire spreading.

>  To prevent sparks and embers from entering your home through vents, cover exterior attic and foundation vents with wire screening no larger than 1/8-inch mesh.


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